The company

NUTSI is the Russian company occupying a strong position in the market of the cedar nut. The strategy on export development and gain in sales promotes the company to the leading place among the suppliers of this product in Russia.
The NUTSI Company has all the required equipment for the complete production cycle: from harvest and treatment to packing of the finished product.

In average, the annual volume of cedar kernel output is 1800 tons, what makes up a significant part of the Russian market of this product. The overturn of the NUTSI company in 2006 was 7, 800, 000 USD.

We offer the products of the high quality to our buyers.
The area of the main product vegetation occupies the pollution-free regions of Russia: Altai region, Buryatia and Tomsk region.

The high quality at every stage of production is guaranteed by the strict procedures of sorting and control, confirmed by the Quality Certificates. The package of the finished products fits with international standards.

The customers of the NUTSI Company are the large group of bulk buyers, trading networks and manufacturing firms in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Germany, Holland, etc.

Constant updating of equipment and enhancement of production capacity allow processing of up to 5000 tons of cedar nut annually.

The priority of our work is based on the high production quality and stable supply. Each buyer is considered by the NUTSI Company as the VIP partner. We are pleased to offer mutually beneficial cooperation and qualitative services in any point of the world.