"KEDROVKA" (vodka with nuts)

Soaking Your Nuts in Vodka!

The drink in Siberia is called “ked-rov-ka” or made from “Kedr” – obviously the root of the word comes from “cedar” Pine that is so abundant in Russian taiga of Siberia. You need a bottle of vodka filled to about 2/3 of its capacity. The rest is filled with pine nuts in the shell – half a cup. They will fall to the bottom. Close the cap and put it in a dark shelf for at least 3 weeks. When you see it next time it will be dark as brandy or darker. The longer you keep the darker it will get. The essential oils in the shell make it very smooth and soft, easy to drink. That is why the best are hard shell nuts, because they have a lot of the material in the hard thick shell.

No need to filter or do anything with it but to drink in small shots, best chaser is pickle or marinated mushrooms. But make sure before you drink, chill it in the refrigerator, some people stick it to the freezer for an hour, it becomes very thick, with concentrated pine nuts smell and taste. Some people eat the nuts after the vodka is consumed, one can get drunk just from doing that. There is a believe that consuming ½ ounce of kedrovka before every dinner will keep you healthy for ever…and very happy for a while.

Дата публикации: 21.07.2006

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